Saturday, September 9, 2017

Anger and Revenge or Compassion and Pity ..

Yesterday was a very emotional day.  It may be the beginning of the end.  I struggled afterwards; maybe, it could have been considered a breakdown.  My husband and I spoke for a few hours after wondering why my emotions were so mixed up.  When I walked into the room, I wanted to lash out, hurt, say what I wanted to say in anger, take revenge for the horrid words and actions.  When I walked into the room and saw what I saw, I had a sudden rush of pity.  It must be difficult to be alone and in a chaos.  I understand this.  No husband, no lover who is claimed to be loved by, no family, no friends.  Alone!   I suddenly felt compassion.  This was a new rush of emotions in a volatile situation.  And, how do I move on with such emotions?!

For years, I have been teased, taunted, blackmailed, publicly humiliated (still am), and yet I have met all with resilience and tolerance.  I have had a person that I thought to be truthful and humanitarian; his lies exposed and his excuses unjust.  His and her cheating and liens exposed.  I have a incredible law firm with (4) attorneys researching claims, speak to people involved, and fight for us.  I have employment that has backed me 100% despite the public attack and damage to our staff.  This will be huge and it could change the course of legislation in the days to come.

We have won a damages award against this stalker and medieval reminder that bullies do exist and wish to cause harm.  Of course, the lessons of the whole affair has not affected her in the slightest and the attack against my family and I continue.  Pity has replaced anger; moving forward has replaced looking back, and blessings have come forward to assist us more.  No swords were crossed in the battle and the legal system slowly prevails.  The next chapter soon to unfold ..