Sunday, January 8, 2017

Joy In The Journey ..

It has been a busy week!  There are just not enough hours in the day for what I want to accomplish and to accomplish it well!  I had a very tough paper to write for my last Sociology class and combined with all of the other items that needed to be taken care of, I felt overwhelmed.

Perfection can sometimes be the enemy of righteousness because when we get so caught up worrying about being perfect, about being a perfect spouse, a perfect son or daughter, a perfect parent, a perfect teacher, or a perfect friend, it’s easy to become discouraged because none of us will ever be perfect in this life. Even though our Savior commanded us to be perfect like Him and our Heavenly Father, He has no expectation that we’re going to accomplish that in this life. It’s impossible. 

The second lesson about being positive in a negative world is that life really is hard sometimes, and you’ve got to keep trying anyway.  There will always be people to discourage and trials that will get in the way.  It is all in our attitude that will predict the outcome.  

The last lesson about being positive in a negative world is that we must look for (and remember) the joy in our lives.  Yesterday was that sort of day!  Fun with my phenomenal husband and children.  Though overwhelmed, the release of joy that happened makes it worth another day of trying to accomplish all that needs to be done.  The joy in the snowflakes, the smile of a friend, the happy look of my dog as I walk into the house, and a cat who loves to sleep next to me.  These are the positive pieces of my life that make everything worthwhile because ..

I ride the dark horse ..

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