Monday, January 19, 2015

A New Beginning ..

Having people in your life that are there to correct you when your wrong, help you when you are down, and give you guidance when you have no idea in which direction to go is absolutely crucial to living and maintaining success. Every great person that has ever lived in the world has received some kind of help and some kind of guidance along the way, and we should never be too proud as to not listen to wisdom that we do not yet have.  Today, I listened to the wisdom of a man I respect and love.  My husband.  He has given me encouragement to become spectacular!  He also presented to me a packet from Arizona which contained an apology letter, several emails and telephone logs.  It seems we were correct about a situation. I had to smile and because of the strength, wisdom and persistence of a man who is pursuing truth, I am receiving the guidance and direction that I need. Success will definitely be in our future.

We need people in our lives that are willing to be as open as possible with us. Some will only be in your lives to live off of your success instead of to help you gain more success, be weary of these folk, and do your best to stay around those who are really only in your life because they see your potential. Never be too good to take good advice, always keep an open mind, and an open heart!   A new beginning ..

Because I ride the dark horse .. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Claiming Peace ..

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person?  I am sure you have; maybe more than once!  I have determined that in dealing with a difficult person, the best defense is no defense.  Erratic behavior is a powerful weapon because it defies accurate prediction. Often, the behavior comes as a surprise even to the person generating it.  Flying into a rage, yelling, and dismissing you summarily are common strategies to keep you off-kilter. Unpredictable actions serve the purpose of confusing potential usurpers and avoiding responsibility.   These are the traits of an irrational person.  How am I dealing with an irrational person?  Ignore!

If you are not peaceful with your own heart, you cannot expect for the people around you to be peaceful when it comes to dealing in any of life's situations.  We are not all given the same resources or foundation, but when we learn how to make the most out of everything we have been given, and manage to become successful by doing so, we will then realize a peace that we surely have never seen before.

It is with this peace that we also gain much understanding about people and life.  It is also with this peace that we are able to recognize that in order for people to really see how much we have on the inside of use, to really gather their full attention, and to really have their full respect, we have to show our true strength by being able to be calm in the middle of any storm.

AND that is why I ride the dark horse ..

Saturday, January 17, 2015

dark horse is a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed ..

That would be me.  I am sure that there is a lot known about me; much more than I had wished for; the work of a reckless person (and not myself).  That is becoming a good thing!  One day it will make me very known because my ambitions and persistence will pay off.  One thing I have learned, the human spirit can prevail, move on with resilience and head held high.
All because I Ride The Dark Horse .. 

Stay Tuned ..